Reading Order

Ozark Mountain Shifters

A Mate’s Denial

A Mate’s Sacrifice

A Mate’s Wish (this also serves as a Ouachita Mountain Shifters prequel)

A Mate’s Revenge

A Mate’s Submission


Dirt Track Dogs

Racing the Alpha

Racing the Beast

Racing Home

Racing Hard

Racing Destiny


Ouachita Mountain Shifters

Deliciously Mated

Ouachita Mated

Merrily Mated

Home for the Holidays (Dirt Track Dogs, book #6)

Secretly Mated

Shadow Mated

Brother Bear Mated

Brave Bear Mated

Sunshine Mated

Merrily Ever After


Dirt Track Dogs: The Second Lap

Dirty Looks

Dirty Ride

Dirty Fight

Dirty to the Max

Christmas to the Max

Dirty Hope




Breaking the Skin


Firecats/Alley Cats

All is Bright

Heart of Gold

Heart of Ice

Heart of Glass

Heart of Cinder


Mountain Mermaids: Sapphire Lake (standalones, can be read in any order)

Waking the Deep

Seeking the Deep

Return to the Deep